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AAII 2021 Annuity Presentation

I was honored to speak alongside some industry heavyweights at AAII's 2021 virtual conference. My topic was Using Income Annuities in Retirement. Here is the (hour-long!) video: You can also watch directly on YouTube by clicking here: https://lnkd.in/ehxXxScQ [hr] You may also want to read my other articles on annuities and income: Bond Ladders &…
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Bond Ladders & Income Annuities: Restoring the Sanctity of Fixed Income

[alert_box style="message" close="no"]Here is a link to the full article: Bond Ladders & Income Annuities[/alert_box] I spent some time on Google, but could not ascertain the origins of the term fixed income. Presumably, it was just a simple description given to investments where all of the related cash flows were dictated per contractual obligation. For…
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Optimizing Fixed Annuity Tax Deferral

[alert_box style="message" close="no"]Here is a link to the PDF: Optimizing Fixed Annuity Tax Deferral.[/alert_box] DISCLAIMER: This article discusses topics at the nexus of investments, annuities, and taxes. This article does not provide and should not be construed as providing tax advice. In order to assess tax benefits specific to annuities, we assume they are held…
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Dividends Are Different

[alert_box style="message" close="no"]Here is a link to the pdf: Dividends Are Different.[/alert_box] OVERVIEW There has been abundant discussion regarding the utility of dividends. Many investment models rely on factors or other strategies in their attempt to increase returns or reduce volatility. These approaches generally focus on total returns and brush dividends under the rug. Some…
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