Here are a few free tools and services you can use for your personal planning. Please note that you can also access our research or blog free of charge and we offer everyone  a free consultation.


An Asset Map is a simple, visual illustration of your finances. Watch this quick video to learn how quickly and easily you can create your own Asset Map. If you like what you see, then click the button or use the QR code below to create your own free Asset Map.

As a financial planner, I like to use Asset Maps to help me build financial profiles for my clients. However, Asset Maps can be helpful for anyone who would like to create a visual summary of their finances for their own records.

  • An Asset Map is a great launchpad when working with a financial advisor
  • Share with family members (e.g., spouse or children) to help them become more involved or aware of family finances
  • An Asset Map is a useful tool for anyone who has (or will have) power of attorney with respect to your finances or as an executor


Please click the button below to enter high-level data points regarding your retirement plans. Then the tool will estimate how much optimized decisions around Social Security, Roth conversions, and withdrawal strategy could benefit your retirement. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter your data and get your results. The tool will also create a PDF report highlighting more specific information about your retirement and include some educational material to help you make more informed decisions.

Optimize Now


I can provide you with a 100% objective analysis of your portfolio’s performance, risk attribution, and fees.

  • Compare your portfolio to a similarly allocated portfolio of low-cost index funds
  • Identify and quantify sources of portfolio risk
  • Calculate fund and advisor fees (where applicable)

In order to receive your free portfolio benchmarking analysis, please email me copies of your three most recent statements (info@AaronBraskCapital.com). If you have a large number of portfolio holdings (e.g., individual stock or bond holdings), it would help if you could also send those holdings (tickers and amounts) in a text, *.csv, or Excel format. Most custodians like Schwab, Fidelity, etc. provide an option to export this data from your online account (see example image below).


I can provide you with an overview of your current tax situation and highlight potential opportunities to improve tax efficiency.

  • Roth conversions
  • Medicare surcharges (e.g., IRMAA)
  • Taxation of Social Security
  • and more

In order to receive your free tax analysis, please email me (info@AaronBraskCapital.com) a copy of your most recent tax return in PDF format. If you prefer, I can create a secure DropBox folder where you can upload your return. Once I have your return, I can typically turn this around in one to two days.