I have created videos and placed them on various pages around my website. This page combines them all in one place. The top three videos provide information about me and other financial professionals. The other section of videos address financial planning and investing topics.

Note: I plan to add more videos as time allows. If there is a particular topic you would like me to consider (for a video or research article), then please reach out and let me know.

About Me & Financial Professionals

About Aaron

In this video, I talk about my background, my experience, and why I like financial planning.

Financial professionals

This video discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly types of financial professionals that would like to 'help' you with your investments.

Insurance & annuity professionals

This video discusses the various types of financial professionals that would like to help you with purchasing life insurance and annuities.

Investment & Financial Planning Education

Retirement income

Can you imagine a plan for retirement income you could understand and implement with ease? With total costs of just 0.10% per year? A 30% reduction in investment-related taxes? I first highlight two primary approaches used to generate retirement income and then describe how my hybrid approach can achieve these benefits.

Introduction to income annuities

This is a video capture of my 2021 presentation for the annual AAII (American Association of Individual Investors) investor conference. I first explain the basics of income annuities and then go into more detail about how they are priced and taxed.

Financial planning: Income tax

Here I discuss financial planning strategies for reducing the amount of income tax one may pay on money they earn (spoiler: optimize the use of your retirement accounts!). I also wrote an article on this topic with more details.

More videos to come! Please let me know what topics are important to you.