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AAII 2021 Virtual Conference Presentation

I was honored to speak alongside some industry heavyweights at AAII's 2021 virtual conference. My topic was Using Income Annuities in Retirement. Here is a link to my (hour long!) presentation: https://lnkd.in/ehxXxScQ Note: For those who are interested, I provided a link to the conference in the YouTube video description. Readers interested in this topic…
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Bond Ladders & Income Annuities: Restoring the Sanctity of Fixed Income

[alert_box style="message" close="no"]Here is a link to the full article: Bond Ladders & Income Annuities[/alert_box] I spent some time on Google, but could not ascertain the origins of the term fixed income. Presumably, it was just a simple description given to investments where all of the related cash flows were dictated per contractual obligation. For…
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