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My firm is structured as an independent, fee-only RIA. In addition to upholding a fiduciary standard, this means I do not push any particular firm's products or services and I do not receive commissions that could bias my advice.


My deep analytic expertise gives us an edge over other firms. I construct superior passive portfolios based on the principals of quality- and value-investing while avoiding subtle but costly index issues most advisors do not know exist.


Delivering investment performance without personal service is like selling a new Ferrari with no paint. Enjoy the benefits of my personal touch and transparent approach so you can experience the ultimate peace of mind.


My more structured approach to investing allows for more simplicity and transparency than the statistical approaches most advisors employ. This lets my clients better understand their financial plans and investments.

Focus on your priorities.

I take pride in being the trusted steward of your wealth so you can focus on more important matters.

how I operate

Planning &

When the stakes are high, you need a partner you can trust with deep expertise. My experience can help you avoid costly mistakes and make better decisions at each stage of your investment process.


Whether I develop your own personalized index for the ultimate in customization or help you select funds and managers, my expertise can help you improve the performance of your investments.

Research &

Research and analysis is in my DNA. My research and educational programs can help you with everything from formulating investment policy to analyzing investments.

Different clients. Different needs.

I can provide a degree of customization other advisors cannot with off-the-shelf funds and products.


I am a researcher at heart and take nothing for granted. Anything less compromises performance and peace of mind.

  • August 2017
    My “Repackaging” Pet Peeve
    Many advisors' portfolios of various funds, strategies, and managers effectively turn out to be the market portfolio but with significantly higher costs.
  • June 2017
    Zombie Market Primer
    I see multiple symptoms of a dysfunctional market whereby product mechanics have displaced due diligence and resulted in widespread malinvestment.
  • May 2017
    Foregoing Due Diligence
    Robo-advisors and broad market index strategies involves little to no due diligence regarding the price paid (valuation) or asset quality.

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