Planning & Advisory

I can help you at any stage of your investment process - from the initial stages of developing a financial plan or investment policy to analyzing and selecting investments. My deep expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes and improve the performance of your investments.


If you would like to formulate a robust plan for retirement income or develop a robust investment policy, my more structured approach to planning and investments provides a refreshing alternative to the statistical approaches used by most other advisors.

I find many advisors base their investment strategies on academic definitions and models. For example, many advisors define risk as a statistical formula (the standard deviation of portfolio returns). I believe this definition is inadequate and does not capture the essence of the risk investors ultimately feel. Moreover, managing risk according to this definition often leads to portfolio rebalancing strategies that systematically constrain performance.

Another facet of my planning and investment strategies my clients value is my approach to income. Rather than chipping away at principal to generate synthetic dividends, I advocate using the natural income - dividends and interest generated directly by stocks and bonds. My research highlights why many funds and managers unknowingly destroy the natural stability of these income streams. My investment strategy specifically targets stable income streams as they are a critical element of my more structured approach to financial planning. My section on Simplicity explains how I use stable natural income streams for retirement strategies to reduce fees and mitigate investors' dependence on market performance.


Once you have a robust plan in place and it is time to execute, you must carefully scrutinize investments for your portfolios. Given the constant barrage of marketing and conflicts of interest associated with those purveying financial products, this facet of the investment process can often feel like a daunting task. It does not have to be this way.

I can help you see through the noise and distinguish substance from snake oil. I leverage my analytic expertise to conduct thorough due diligence - never taking anything for granted. I sit beside you, educate you, and help you make better investment decisions for your family or organization. Whether you would like me to sit on your investment committee or have me on-call to help you with challenges as they arise, I can be your trusted partner helping you to avoid pitfalls and optimize your investment process.

My clients typically find my research on low-fee index-based strategies very illuminating. While I am an advocate of passive and index-based strategies, I explain how the financial industry profits from many of these low-fee products (effectively pick-pocketing index investors and imposing performance-related costs that can far outweigh the fees). More importantly, I explain how to avoid these and other performance-dampening issues. Please read more about these issues or contact me to request a copy of my research on the topic.